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Training and Resources

For Home Retrofit

Residential trainings offer opportunities to learn about energy efficiency and best building practices for newly built and existing homes. Trainings range from orientations and new technology webinars to online courses that help you increase your marketability and meet Energy Trust requirements. Find training details and opportunities from more than 15 industry organizations on our Training & Education calendar.

Training Reimbursement for Energy Trust Trade Allies

Energy Trust’s Business Development Fund offers reimbursement to help offset the cost of pre-approved training. For more information on reimbursement, contact the Home Retrofit trade ally coordinator at 1.866.365.3526.

Quality Support Package

Energy Trust worked with Advanced Energy, a nationally recognized leader in home performance training and consulting, to provide a support package of tools for contractors to support quality management operations. Follow the links below to download documents and resources that you can apply to improve quality, reduce costs and prevent defects.

      1. Calculate the Cost of Poor Quality
      2. Collect Data on Defects
      3. Find Root Cause of Defects
      4. Standardize Your Process

        To improve standardization, use the complete measure checklists published above in the Technical Specifications section.

      5. Document with a Quality Management Plan
      6. Establish a Culture of Quality
      7. Provide Tools for Crews
      8. Job worksheet tools

Disclaimer: These tools are for illustrative purposes only and do not always align with the Home Retrofit Specifications Manual.

Utilize the complete measure checklists posted above in the technical specifications section for step-by-step job breakdowns.

Neither Energy Trust nor any program implementation contractors or sponsors bear responsibility or accept any liability for the final construction, its compliance with any relevant codes, or its ultimate performance.