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New extended capacity heat pump qualification procedure & training

To keep up with the rapidly growing number of new models and system pairings in the heat pump industry, Energy Trust now requires trade allies to provide documentation from Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) for all extended capacity heat pump (ECHP) projects with models that are not on our current qualifying products list (QPL).

Qualifying equipment must have a maximum capacity at 17°F of 85% or more of their rated or nominal capacity at 47°F, and must be installed following current approved program specifications. The values to determine the system’s capacity can be found in the Performance Specs section for the selected unit.

ECHP applications submitted with models that are not listed on the current QPL may be delayed or disqualified without supporting documentation from NEEP. Trade allies can find NEEP documentation by searching for model number on the NEEP list, clicking VIEW DETAIL, and printing the page as a PDF.

To learn more about extended capacity heat pump systems please join us for a virtual overview training on June 4. Register now.

For more information on how to qualify an ECHP for incentives, contact your trade ally account manager, email the Home Retrofit team or call 1.866.365.3526.