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Direct deposit by ACH

Energy Trust offers direct deposit by ACH to our Trade Allies and the process to enroll is simple and secure. Instructions on how to enroll and some other helpful information is included below: 

How to enroll for direct deposit by ACH: 

  • Fill out and electronically sign Energy Trust’s direct deposit by ACH agreement. 
  • Provide an image of a blank check as instructed on the form. If you do not have a check, please submit a document from your bank that includes both your financial institution’s routing number and your bank account number. This will ensure that the right account information is captured. 
  • Upon completion, you will receive a copy of the form and a copy will be sent to our accounts payable team. Energy Trust’s accounts payable team will perform a standard verification process with our bank to ensure the account is active and valid which takes around 5 business days.  
  • Once your account has been verified, you will be enrolled in electronic payment. You may receive 1 to 2 check payments after enrollment due to our incentive processing cycle.  

How will I reconcile direct deposit by ACH incentive payments to my accounting records?  

  • Once a payment has been initiated you will receive an email copy of the payment remittance, which lists the incentive transactions and total amount to be paid on the scheduled date. The payment advice is just like the top portion of the check you receive currently. Instead of a check number, direct deposit by ACH payments have a unique ID beginning with the letters “EFT”, followed by a string of numbers. 
  • If needed, Energy Trust can provide a report with a breakdown of the individual projects that are included in your payment for a given week. Please submit a request to to obtain a copy of the report and include the unique payment ID. This will assist our team in looking up the payment. 

We appreciate your continued work to assist customers and your participation with Energy Trust. Please feel free to send any questions to