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Fact Sheets


Pool Sector fact sheet
New Buildings Program Overview
Commercial Lighting guide
Commercial Strategic Energy Management Guide
Building Operator fact sheet
Plug Load fact sheet
Commercial Gas Efficiency fact sheet
Direct Digital Controls Tune-up fact sheet
HVAC fact sheet
Insulation fact sheet
Refrigeration fact sheet
Oregon Brewers guide
NW Natural Washington Heating fact sheet
Direct Digital Controls Washington fact sheet


Renewable Energy Guide fact sheet
Joining the Trade Ally Network fact sheet
Cost Effectiveness fact sheet

Industry + Agriculture

Wastewater Treatment fact sheet
Oregon Brewers guide
Industrial Lighting guide
Industrial Equipment Energy Savings guide
Energy-Efficient Equipment Rebates for Industry
Cost-saving Resources for Industry and Agriculture
Reduce Greenhouse and Nursery Energy Costs
Reduce Irrigation Energy Costs
Industrial Strategic Energy Management fact sheet
Industrial Gas Efficiency fact sheet
Compressed Air Leak Reduction fact sheet
Energy Value Stream Mapping fact sheet
Custom Operations & Maintenance fact sheet
90 x 90 fact sheet
Custom Capital Investment fact sheet
Irrigation VFD fact sheet
Scientific Irrigation Scheduling fact sheet
Cannabis Cultivation fact sheet
Brewery fact sheet
Wood Products Energy Savings Guide
Metals Energy Savings Guide
Wastewater Treatment Energy Savings Guide
Greenhouse Energy Savings Guide
High Tech Energy Savings Guide
Cold Storage Energy Savings Guide
Printing Energy Savings Guide


Multifamily Lighting guide
Multifamily Instant Savings Upgrades fact sheet
Multifamily Benchmarking Your Property fact sheet

Public + Nonprofit

Energy Solutions for Native Americans in Oregon fact sheet
Energy Solutions for Communities in Hillsboro fact sheet
Energy Solutions for Communities in Clackamas County fact sheet
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Solutions for the Public Sector fact sheet


Leverage EPS as a Sales Tool
Manufactured Homes Replacement Pilot fact sheet
Happier at Home Case Study
Washington Cash Incentives for Single-Family Homes
Oregon Cash Incentives for Single-Family Homes
Cooling Tips
Income-Qualified Homeowners
Go Solar
Existing Manufactured Homes
Savings Within Reach
Savings Within Reach (Spanish)