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Trade ally logos are available for use in pre-approved marketing projects by Energy Trust trade ally contractors and must be used in compliance with these general guidelines. To receive cooperative marketing reimbursements, see each program’s Forms and Resources page for specific approval processes and guidelines.

To meet our requirements, trade allies need to use certain designated Energy Trust logos. Any use of the Energy Trust trade ally logo is subject to Energy Trust’s logo-use guidelines, including these minimum requirements:

  • The name should always appear as “Energy Trust of Oregon.”
  • A minimum amount of space should surround the trade ally logo at all times. This area of isolation is determined by the size of the “burst” symbol of the logo. This is the minimum amount of clear space. There can always be more space surrounding the logo.
  • The trade ally logo may only be used by active trade allies that have been granted permission from Energy Trust.
  • Before using the trade ally logo or publicly distributing any promotion or marketing material that incorporates the logo, trade allies must submit examples of the use to Energy Trust for approval. Trade allies may not use the logo unless Energy Trust approves the specific use in writing.
  • The logo may only be used in a manner consistent with Energy Trust’s branding and logo-use guidelines and accepted commercial practices in the energy industry. Trade allies may not use or display the trade ally logo in a manner that is misleading, that disparages Energy Trust or its services or programs, that may be harmful to Energy Trust’s reputation or that may reduce the value of the Energy Trust trademark.
  • Energy Trust’s permission to use the trade ally logo is not an assignment or grant of any right, title or interest to the logo or related goodwill, and we may deny or revoke logo-use at any time in our discretion.
  • Energy Trust’s logo and name may not be used on any classified, Craigslist and Angie’s List type of listing. Energy Trust reserves the right to exclude use of Energy Trust’s trade ally logo or a trade ally marketing project at any time. Energy Trust logos are not permitted on trade ally vehicles or for use on place of businesses

Logos for Download

Trade allies must use the trade ally logos as seen here.


Trade Ally Logo Colors:

Two logos are available. The black logo will be used in most cases, and the white logo is available when the logo needs to be placed over a color background.

  • EPS format (high resolution, use for printed materials)
  • TIFF format (high resolution, use for printed materials)
  • JPEG format (lower resolution, use for web and Microsoft Office documents)
  • GIF format (lower resolution, use for web)
  • PNG format (lower resolution, use for Microsoft Office documents)

Instructions for Downloading Zip Files:

  • Click the link above to your preferred selection.
  • Download file to your computer.
  • Open file. Winzip will automatically open.
  • Select “extract.” Tell Winzip where you want to save the file and press the “Extract” button.
  • Locate the file where you saved it and open in an appropriate software.