Roundup of 2022 incentive updates

Energy Trust continuously reviews incentive types and amounts throughout each year, along with overall performance of each of our programs. We update incentive amounts and requirements as needed to ensure we provide cost-effective energy savings to our customers and utilities. For simplicity, the majority of our annual incentive updates go into effect at the beginning of each year.

The following incentive updates, listed by program, went into effect on January 1, 2022. Business Lighting changes are effective January 24, 2022. Incentives which are not listed in the sections linked below remain unchanged from previous levels. Incentive changes only apply to the program under which they are listed. Incentive amounts and availability may vary between Energy Trust programs, so it’s important that trade allies verify requirements, amounts and availability when discussing incentives with customers.

Commercial, Industrial and Business Lighting Incentive Limits

Due to the success of incentive and budget limitations implemented in 2021, Energy Trust is able to increase incentive and active project limits for our Existing Buildings, Business Lighting and Production Efficiency programs in 2022. Please use the links below to learn more about these updates.

We appreciate trade allies’ efforts to promote Energy Trust while providing energy-saving and renewable energy solutions to customers. We are happy to help with questions about incentive updates, trade ally benefits and more. Please reach out to your program representative or the Energy Trust trade ally team.