Business Lighting 2022 changes

Energy Trust is launching revised Business Lighting incentive offers and requirements for 2022. Changes go into effect on January 24, 2022, and include:

  • Project and participant incentive limits: Caps on incentives in the Lighting Tool are $40,000 per project for Industry and Agriculture and $20,000 per project for Commercial.
  • Trade ally company caps: For projects at participant sites served by Portland General Electric (PGE), the annual cap is $400,000. For projects at participant sites served by Pacific Power, the annual cap is $300,000. Each enrolled trade ally company will have an annual cap on the dollar amount of incentives it can submit on behalf of participants. This cap is for the trade ally company, not individual locations.
  • Active project caps: Each trade ally company is limited in the number of concurrently active projects it can have with the Business Lighting Program per utility. Trade allies may have up to 15 active projects for PGE customers and 15 for Pacific Power customers at any given time. A project is considered active from the Incentive Application Form (120L) Program Pre-Authorization Signature date until the trade ally submits final invoice(s) and completion documents to
  • Project Completion Timeline

Energy Trust will reserve the estimated amounts for the identified measures for 180 days from the 120L offer date.

TLEDs and HLEDs exclusive to Instant Discounts

Effective January 24, 2022, LED linear lamps (TLED) and HID to LED screw-in lamps (HLED) are only eligible for an Energy Trust incentive through the instant discount offer, except for public K-12 schools and public entities/municipalities. This means TLEDs and HLEDs will no longer be eligible for an incentive through the standard offer. To receive an Energy Trust discount on these measures, equipment must be purchased through a participating “Instant Discount” distributor.​

How to participate?

  1. Find a participating distributor: Use our simple look-up tool.
  2. Choose qualified lighting products: Review the list to determine what’s right for you.
  3. Receive instant discount: To receive the incentive at the time of purchase, the installation address and purchaser information must be given to the distributor to confirm that the lighting project’s site is eligible for the instant discount. Once you receive your energy-efficient lighting, make sure the equipment is installed in the facility within 90 days so the customer can start realizing energy savings.

If you have questions about 2022 incentive changes contact Dave Backen, program consultant.