Existing Buildings

New limits for Existing Buildings incentives in 2022

exterior of hospital

Energy Trust’s Existing Buildings team is happy to announce that per-site incentive limits for the Existing Buildings program have increased significantly in 2022, compared to 2021, and there are no longer different incentive limits based on utility service provider. All Pacific Power incentives that were previously reduced or eliminated due to the 2021 per-site incentive limits are now reinstated in 2022.

Energy Trust limits the total incentive amount it will provide to a maximum of $250,000 per-site, per-year for gas and electric equipment combined.

  • If applicant is requesting incentives greater than $250,000, the incentives payable by Energy Trust for qualifying equipment will be limited to the maximum amounts indicated below, as applicable for the given site:
    • A maximum of $250,000; or
    • Any remaining portion of the $250,000 per site, per year limit, if this site has submitted other applications in 2022.

Please contact the Existing Buildings trade ally team with questions.