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Why consumers choose to install solar and battery storage

Many homeowners are curious about the costs and benefits of installing solar and battery storage. To understand homebuyer motivations and barriers to installing solar and battery storage, Energy Trust of Oregon interviewed 10 Oregon homeowners with solar and battery storage who have experienced at least one power outage since installation. Continue reading to learn what respondents valued most about solar and battery storage and how they overcame barriers.

Energy Resiliency

Avoiding power outages was the top motivator for installing solar and battery storage. Generally, customers expressed concern over large-scale grid failures, storms, earthquakes and rolling blackouts. Having battery power that could last at least three to four days gave customers peace of mind.

While most respondents reported that their systems were set up to power the whole home, they recognized that they would need to conserve energy to ensure they could power critical equipment:

  • Kitchen, especially the refrigerator/freezer
  • Lighting in some areas of the home
  • Internet
  • Space heating

When running on battery power, respondents reported that they tried to conserve their battery charge by turning off unnecessary items and reducing usage of critical loads. Respondents also said they enjoyed monitoring the performance of their systems.

Financial Benefits

Saving money over the lifetime of the system, particularly through net metering agreements with their utilities, helped customers justify their decision to install solar and battery storage. In addition to lower monthly utility bills, respondents appreciated how their solar + storage systems increased their home value.

Environmental Duty

Customers feel overwhelmed when faced with the complexity of environmental challenges. Installing solar and battery storage gave them a sense that they were part of a solution and empowered them to find additional ways to conserve energy. Customers also valued being able to help their neighbors during power outages.

Barriers and Solutions

As expected, the upfront cost of the system was the primary barrier for customers considering solar and battery storage. Fortunately, rebates, tax incentives and financing helped offset some of the system costs.

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