Energy Trust launches Instant Discounts for Business Lighting!

Energy Trust now offers incentives to business customers for the installation of high-efficiency lighting products at a discount, to help them benefit from superior performance and energy cost savings.

Customers and trade allies don’t have to wait for incentive checks when taking advantage of this offer. By purchasing eligible products from participating distributors, trade allies can offer superior, high-efficiency lighting solutions to their customers at a price comparable to conventional products. Instant discounts, made possible through Energy Trust’s Instant Discounts for Business Lighting offer, are applied right at the point of sale.

Benefits for trade allies:

  • Eliminate paperwork as the discount is deducted from the purchase price. Instant discounts reduce the need to complete paperwork.
  • Gain an edge over the competition and add more business while passing along savings to customers as an instant discount.
  • Drive profits with higher-margin products.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by offering customers a better product at a lower price.

Benefits to your customers:

  • No need to sign paperwork.
  • Top-quality lighting performance.
  • Lower energy costs.
  • Longer equipment life.
  • Incentives reduce the cost of equipment for a great return on investment.

Know your options

Qualifying products include ENERGY STAR® and DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) A-line lamps, decorative lamps, reflector lamps, HID replacement lamps, CFL replacement lamps, recessed canister downlights, linear lamps, interior fixtures and exterior fixtures. Note that incentives totaling more than $2,500 per project require pre-authorization.

MeasureProductDetails2022 Instant Discount
A-lineGeneral Purpose and Three-Way450 to 1999 lumens2
DecorativeDecorative and Mini-Base300 to 699 lumens3
Globe350 to 1099 lumens3
ReflectorReflectors, 450 to 624 lumens450 to 1590 lumens1
Pin-base Reflector20W equivalent1
21 to 80W equivalent2
Recessed Canister DownlightDownlight Retrofit Kit625-1099 lumens4
Exterior Recessed Canister Fixture/Kit4
CFL Replacement LampPin-based CFL replacement2.5
HID Replacement LampHID to LED Screw-In49W or less15
81W or higher35
Linear2' TLED line voltage or remote driverB/C$2.00​
3' TLED line voltage or remote driver$3.00​
4' or U-bend TLED line voltage or remote driver4
5' TLED line voltage or remote driver $5.00​
6' TLED line voltage or remote driver $6.00​
8' TLED line voltage or remote driver $8.00​
2' TLED in line A$1.50​
3' TLED in line$2.25​
4' or U-bend TLED in line3
5' TLED in line$3.75​
6' TLED in line$4.50​
8' TLED in line$6.00​
Interior fixtureInterior Fixture & Kit25W or less20
High/Low Bay, Fixture40-90W60
300W or higher145
Exterior Fixture20W or less25
300W or higher200

*Effective January 24, 2022. Eligible products and incentives are subject to change. Discuss your options with a participating distributor.

Quick payback

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing high-efficiency equipment at a similar price to standard is a quicker payback. These solutions save energy and money every day, so when the upfront costs are comparable, they quickly pay for themselves.

Who is eligible?

All projects involving Energy Trust (Pacific Power and Portland General Electric) commercial, industrial and multifamily customers are eligible to receive discount pricing through Energy Trust Business Lighting. Multifamily tenant spaces, new construction, building expansion and major renovation projects that trigger code are not eligible for an incentive through this offer. Qualifying lighting must be installed and operated at the eligible customer’s facility or premise within 90 days of purchase.

Discounts received through the Instant Discounts for Business Lighting offer may not be combined with other Energy Trust incentives such as the Business Lighting standard offer or New Buildings program. Confirm the project’s scope of work to determine which program and offer best suits your project’s needs.

How do I participate?

  1. Find a participating distributor: Use our simple look-up tool.
  2. Choose qualified lighting products: Review the list to determine what’s right for you.
  3. Receive instant discount: To receive the incentive at the time of purchase, the installation address and purchaser information must be given to the distributor to confirm that the lighting project site is eligible to receive the instant discount. Once you receive your energy-efficient lighting, make sure equipment is installed in the facility within 90 days so the customer can start realizing the energy savings.

For more information, contact the Business Lighting team at 503.972.9880.