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Business Development Funds

For EPS New Construction

As an EPS New Construction trade ally builder or verifier, you are eligible to receive partial reimbursement for marketing projects and personal protective equipment (PPE) approved by Energy Trust. Using the EPS trade ally logo in your marketing pieces positions your business as an energy-efficiency expert, and helps you market and sell efficient homes.

Check out the Materials tab to find ready-made content you can use for an easy entry to marketing and receiving Business Development Funds for your homes.

For questions regarding the guidelines and requirements listed below, email us or call the trade ally hotline at 1.877.283.0698.

Business development funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Pre-approval is required for all marketing projects and trainings.  Pre-approval qualifies projects for reimbursement but does not reserve funds. Funds will not be distributed until final invoices for qualified, pre-approved projects are submitted.

Reimbursement Requirements

StandardMBE, WBE, VBE & Rural1
Annual maximum: $3,000
Amount reimbursed: 100% up to annual maximum
• Training maximums removed
• Reimbursements eligible up to annual maximum
Annual maximum: $4,000
Amount reimbursed: 100% up to annual maximum
• Training maximums removed
• Reimbursements eligible up to annual maximum
Minimum reimbursement:
• $75 for marketing
• $75 for training
Minimum reimbursement:
• $75 for marketing
• $75 for training

1Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE) designate minority-owned, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses. Rural businesses are designated as businesses that serve rural customers.

Project Eligibility

  • Project must promote Energy Trust Residential offers
  • Pre-approval is required
  • Must have submitted at least one project for approval in the previous 12 months
  • Project must meet logo and text requirements

If you are a trade ally enrolled in more than one Energy Trust program, you may receive business development funds from only one program for an individual marketing piece or training; no piece or training shall receive funding from more than one program. The annual maximums of the Home Retrofit and EPS New Construction offerings, which make up the Residential program, cannot be combined. A trade ally participating in more than one business development program is eligible for the maximum yearly cap from each program.

Eligible Marketing Projects

Print• Direct mail
• Brochures
• Flyers
Online• Banner ad
• Pay-per-click ad including social media sponsored posts. Eligible websites include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Yelp. Trade allies must seek pre-approval before running any ads.
• Paid search
• Website development: EPS builders can use the EPS web tout and webpage content. See the Materials tab for more information.
Ready-made• Yard sign: For more information about outdoor subdivision signs, see the Materials tab.
• EPS ready-made materials: Builders can use the EPS web tout and webpage content. See the Materials tab for more information.
Professional development• Training/certification
• Conference attendance
• Continuing education credits
• Trainings posted on Energy Trust's website

Contact for details on training.
Energy Trust website• Model home listing: See the Other Offers tab for more information.

Steps for Reimbursement

1. Request pre-approval before releasing your marketing project or attending training. Email completed Residential pre-approval application and draft versions of your marketing piece or training/event description to

2. Produce your marketing materials or attend your training.

After receiving Energy Trust’s written approval, you may proceed to produce your materials or attend your class.

3. Submit for payment.

Submit an invoice for print and production or training costs within 15 days of the release of your project or the date of training.

Energy Trust cannot pay designers, printers or other suppliers directly. In addition to the invoice, each project also requires proof of completion. A certificate of completion is required for trainings.

CLEAResult, program implementer for Energy Trust, will issue reimbursement checks within 60 business days of receiving all required materials. Funds are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding and project eligibility are subject to change. Energy Trust reserves the right to decline reimbursement for any project.

Business Development Funds now eligible for PPE

a contractor wearing a mask

Energy Trust provides partial reimbursement for marketing projects, trainings, and now PPE through Business Development Funds. As a trade ally, you are eligible to receive reimbursement in accordance with the Business Development Guidelines per your enrolled trade ally program status and a pre-approval application form can be found within the guideline pages:

Trade allies are now able to submit for PPE reimbursement for equipment purchased January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022. Reimbursement for PPE purchases must be submitted within the same calendar year. To apply for reimbursement, submit the pre-approval application, along with an itemized invoice for the qualified PPE purchased.

EPS Trade Ally Logo

All marketing projects submitted to EPS New Construction are required to include the EPS trade ally logo. The EPS trade ally logo may be used for numerous marketing purposes, including on projects, on trade ally websites and more. The EPS trade ally logo may only be used by active trade allies that have been granted permission from Energy Trust. Contact the EPS New Construction team for approval.

Two logos are available. The black logo will be used in most cases, and the white logo is available for use over a color background.

To download ZIP files to your computer:

  1. Click the following file links:
    • EPS format (high resolution; use for professionally printed materials)
    • JPEG format (lower resolution; use for web and Microsoft Office documents)
  2. Open file. Winzip will automatically open.
  3. Select “Extract.” Tell Winzip where you want to save the file and press the “Extract” button.
  4. Locate the file where you saved it and open in an appropriate software.

EPS Trade Ally Logo Requirements

  • The EPS Trade Ally logo must be included on all pieces and should be smaller than your company’s logo. Preferred placement is the lower right corner of the ad. The logo must be used in black or in white against a solid color background. In addition, you must meet the following requirements:
  • A minimum amount of space should surround the logo at all times. This area is determined by the size of the “burst” symbol of the logo. This is the minimum amount of clear space. There can always be more space surrounding the logo.
  • The logo may only be used in a manner consistent with Energy Trust’s branding and logo use guidelines and accepted commercial practices in the energy industry. Trade allies may not use or display the trade ally logo in a manner that is misleading, disparages Energy Trust or its services or programs, may be harmful to Energy Trust’s reputation, or may reduce the value of the Energy Trust trademark.
  • Energy Trust’s permission to use the EPS trade ally logo is not an assignment or grant of any right, title or interest to the logo or related good will, and we may deny or revoke logo use at any time at our discretion.
  • You may not use the EPS trade ally logo or name on any classified, Craigslist and Angie’s List type of listing.
  • Energy Trust logos are not permitted on trade ally vehicles or for use on places of business.
  • Energy Trust reserves the right to exclude use of Energy Trust’s trade ally logo, or the EPS trade ally logo, on any trade ally marketing project at any time.

Messaging Requirements

All EPS New Construction marketing projects must include a reference to building or verifying energy-efficient EPS rated homes. In addition, projects must include specific mentions of Energy Trust Residential offers. Examples are listed below.

If your marketing project does not allow for full text requirements, for example, online banner ads, exceptions will be considered.

For Builders:

  • Builder X is proud to build energy savings into each of our energy-efficient EPS rated homes.
  • Ask us about the energy-saving features built into our EPS rated homes.
  • As an approved trade ally of Energy Trust of Oregon, we are qualified to build energy-efficient EPS rated homes. Projects that do not include one of the required energy efficiency or EPS text statements will not qualify for reimbursement. If your marketing project does not allow for full text requirements, exceptions will be considered.

For Verifiers:

  • As an approved trade ally verifier of Energy Trust of Oregon, we are qualified to help you receive cash incentives for building EPS rated homes.
  • Ask me about Energy Trust cash incentives available for building EPS rated homes.

Additional Requirements

  • Refer to Energy Trust of Oregon as “Energy Trust of Oregon” in the first use and “Energy Trust” thereafter. Do not refer to Energy Trust as “ETO” or “the Trust.”
  • Do not use “partner,” “partnership” or “partnering” when associating Energy Trust with your business. Use “trade ally contractor of” or “in collaboration with.”
  • Do not refer to Energy Trust cash incentives as “rebates.” They are “incentives” or “cash incentives.”
  • Refer to EPS as “EPS.” Do not use “Energy Performance Score.” After introducing EPS, you may refer to it as “an energy performance score” or “an energy performance rating tool.”

Energy Trust has created a suite of ready-made marketing materials to help builders promote EPS rated homes and their many benefits. By using these materials, you can showcase the added quality, comfort and efficiency built into your homes, plus receive Business Development Funds for helping us promote EPS. Available funds are listed after each offer.

To access these materials, you must be a trade ally builder in good standing and build more than five EPS rated homes per year. Additional requirements are included under each offer.

Before applying for any of these offers, contact the EPS New Construction team to confirm your eligibility.

Outdoor Subdivision Sign — $400 builder incentive

Details: A large 4′ x 5′ outdoor sign is available for you to use to help raise awareness of your EPS rated homes. Please note: Subdivision sign design may differ from what is shown online.

Requirements: Depending on the location of the sign, all of the homes on the street or within the subdivision must be EPS rated. The sign must stay up until either the model home sells or all homes on the street or subdivision have sold.


  1. Request a sign from the EPS New Construction team or from your verifier.
  2. Set up the sign in a semi-permanent manner* at the entrance of your street, subdivision or in front of your model home.
  3. Take a picture of the posted sign and email it to the EPS New Construction team.

*Use 4×4 posts or equivalent. Must be able to withstand all weather conditions.

EPS Webpage Content — $400 builder incentive

Details: Energy Trust offers pre-written web content you can use to help explain the many benefits of the EPS rated homes you build. Choose from either the long version or the short version.

Requirements: For the long version, you must create a unique webpage and include links from your home page to the new page. For the short version, you must include the EPS web content alongside other energy-efficiency messaging or with information about related certifications such as LEED for Homes, Earth Advantage or ENERGY STAR® on your current page.


  1. Add the content to your website, either in a new page or in your current page depending on the version you choose.
    1. Download the long version.
    2. Download the short version.
  2. Send a link to your updated page to and include your business name.

EPS Web Tout — $250 builder incentive

Details: Energy Trust developed a promotional web tout to help draw attention to the EPS web content you may use on your website.

Requirements: You may only use the web tout once on your homepage. You must hyperlink it to Energy Trust’s EPS page, or link it to your page that features our ready-made EPS web copy (see section above). You may receive funds for either the web tout or the standard website development offer—outlined in the Business Development Fund tab—but not both.


  1. Download the web tout. Place it on your homepage and link it to Energy Trust’s EPS page, or link it to your webpage that uses our ready-made content.
  2. Send a link to your website to and include your business name.

Model Home Listing – $300 builder incentive

Details: Energy Trust’s primary EPS landing page includes an interactive map highlighting model homes and home tours throughout the state where homebuyers can experience EPS in person. By submitting your model homes for listing on this page, you’ll benefit from increased awareness and foot traffic.

Requirements: Your model home must be open and active for at least four months from the time it is submitted, and you must keep EPS materials on hand to supply to interested homebuyers. Talk to your verifier or contact the EPS New Construction team if you need more materials.


To apply for listing as a model home, submit your home to with the following information:

  • Name of subdivision
  • Website
  • Name of building company
  • City, state