EPS New Construction

Building Energy Simulation Forum: Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings (GEBs) Strategies

Join us March 20 for a special webinar with Alexi Miller, director of building innovation at New Buildings Institute. Alexi will share how commercial building professionals can use newly available resources to demonstrate more meaningful GEB metrics at the project level for developers and decision makers. Learn about design guides, calculation tools and recommendations for grid-interactive strategies for your building and how these methods have been translated with real-world examples.

You will learn about:

  • Systems and technologies necessary for incorporating GEB into your designs
  • How energy efficiency and flexibility strategies can serve as the foundation for a new era of GEBs
  • The interplay between grid resiliency and building resiliency, and how you can plan for both in your building design
  • How to identify and communicate various GEB-related value streams, from direct cost savings to greenhouse gas emissions reductions, for different members of your project team

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If you have questions about this webinar or Energy Trust New Buildings, please contact Kriya Kaping, market outreach manager, at 202.538.0530.