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As part of Energy Trust’s ongoing soft cost reduction initiative, the solar program provides business development resources to help drive continued growth of solar trade ally contractors and create a vigorous and sustainable Oregon solar market that can ultimately thrive without incentives.

Check out the Training & Education Calendar to find more business development training opportunities.

The business development fund reimburses solar trade allies for a portion of pre-approved marketing projects and training. Using the Energy Trust logo in your marketing pieces positions your business as a solar expert, and participating in training helps your business improve and grow.

Steps to Receive Reimbursement

  1. Request pre-approval. Unless Energy Trust expressly pre-approves a marketing piece, it cannot include Energy Trust’s logo. Refer to Business Development Fund Guidelines for more information on using the Energy Trust logo and the requirements for language or messaging.
  2. Produce your marketing materials or attend your training.
  3. Submit for payment. Reimbursement checks will be mailed to participating trade ally contractors within 60 business days of receiving all required materials. Funds are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Business development fund amounts are subject to change. Energy Trust reserves the right to decline reimbursement for any project.

Trade Ally Logo

The Energy Trust Trade Ally logo must be included on all pieces and must be used in black and white against a solid color background. Space surrounding the Energy Trust Trade Ally logo must be at least the size of the “burst” as shown below.

Download the Energy Trust Trade Ally logo from the Logo Resources page.

Language and messaging requirements

Do not refer to Energy Trust cash incentives as “rebates.” They are “incentives” or “cash incentives.”

Do not refer to tax credits as “cash incentives.” If advertising or promotion refers to tax credits in combination with Energy Trust cash incentives, it must refer to them as “tax credits” and “incentives” or “cash incentives.” Example: “Solar electric installations may qualify for tax credits and incentives totaling $9,000.”

If advertising or promotion refers to the percentage of cost savings available through tax credits and incentives, it must include the words “up to.” Example: “Up to 75 percent of system cost can be covered by tax credits and incentives.”

Refer to Energy Trust of Oregon as “Energy Trust of Oregon” in the first use and “Energy Trust” thereafter. Do not refer to Energy Trust as ETO.

Do not use “partner,” “partnership” or “partnering” when associating Energy Trust with your business. Use “trade ally contractor of” or “or working with” or “in collaboration with.”

Build it Bright! Solar Marketing Training

The Solar program has worked with Glenna Wiseman of Identity3, a nationally recognized solar marketing expert, to provide a 6-month solar marketing training series for solar installers to use in assessing and expanding marketing efforts. Follow the links below to view pre-recorded webinars, listen to podcasts, read blog articles or download documents and resources that you can use to grow your business. Go to the Training & Education Calendar to register for upcoming webinars.

  1. Taking Stock: Assessing the Condition of your Marketing Foundation
    • Taking Stock Marketing Solar Webinar (Recording)
    • Taking Stock Marketing Solar Slides (PDF)
    • Taking Stock Interactive Template (PDF)
    • #MarketingSolar Podcast: Graphics in Marketing Solar (Recording)
    • Webinar kicks off solar marketing training series (Blog)
  2. Mapping Strategy: Engineering your Marketing Success
    • Mapping Strategy Marketing Solar Webinar (Recording)
    • Mapping Strategy Marketing Solar Slides (PDF)
    • Mapping Strategy Interactive Template (PDF)
    • #MarketingSolar Podcast: Building a Social Media Strategy (Recording)
    • Marketing Strategy Webinar on February 25 (Blog)
  3. Presenting your Best: Marketing Campaigns and Creative Content
    • Presenting your Best Marketing Solar Webinar (Recording)
    • Presenting your Best Marketing Solar Slides (PDF)
    • Presenting your Best Interactive Template (PDF)
    • #MarketingSolar Podcast: Website Development (Recording)
  4. Efficient Activation: Tools and Strategies for Efficient Campaign Delivery
    • Efficient Activation Marketing Solar Webinar (Recording)
    • Efficient Activation Marketing Solar Slides (PDF)
    • Efficient Activation Interactive Template (PDF)
    • #MarketingSolar Podcast: Tips for Using Faraday to Reach Solar Prospects (Recording)
  5. Tracking Results: Implementing Systematic ROI Reporting
    • Tracking Results Marketing Solar Webinar (Recording)
    • Tracking Results Marketing Solar Slides (PDF)
    • Tracking Results Interactive Template (XLS)
    • #MarketingSolar Podcast: Tracking Results to Improve Solar Marketing (Recording)
  6. Putting it all Together: Creating the Building Blocks of your Solar Marketing Program
    • Putting it all Together Marketing Solar Webinar (Recording)
    • Putting it all Together Marketing Solar Slides (PDF)
    • Solar Dedication Campaign Checklist (PDF)

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