Standard residential incentive increase

Energy Trust recognizes that our equity and resilience goals can only be achieved with a successful, thriving, and healthy standard residential solar market.

Due to slowing market conditions combined with increases in our available incentive budget, we are responding with changes to our level of support for the standard residential solar market.

The following increases go into effect on May 13, 2024:

TypeOld incentiveNew incentive
Portland General Electric Solar for Homes$400$1,000
Pacific Power Solar for Homes$450$1,200

In addition to these changes, to better support the standard residential market, Energy Trust will continue developing upstream resources through improved marketing, consumer education, financing support, and enhancements to Energy Trust’s bid request tool (Solar Leads process).

If you have an existing application in PowerClerk in any status up to “Funds reserved” AND no material changes have been made to the site, please reach out to to request an adjustment to the incentive. Requests for adjustments must be received by July 19, 2024 to be eligible for the increased amount. The most up-to-date incentive information can always be found on the solar status report or you can email if you have any questions.