EPS™ New Construction incentives in 2022

Energy Trust EPS New Construction periodically updates incentives and offers to drive more savings and respond to changes in the market. While there are no immediate changes to EPS New Construction at the beginning of 2022we do want to highlight the recent offerings that are available right now, plus preview some updates expected in April 2022. 

Current offerings

  • Whole home incentives
    Energy Trust issues EPS New Construction incentives to builders and verifiers based on how well their homes perform compared to typical newlybuilt homes in Oregon and Washington. 

    • Oregon: View the incentive overview sheet for current incentives available in Oregon. 
    • Washington: To align with the 2018 Washington State Energy Code, Energy Trust updated the Washington offering in October 2021. View details for offers in Washington in the Insider pages.
  • Additional incentives available
    • Solar ready: Solar ready homes are built to allow for easier installation of a solar electric system when the time is right. A maximum incentive of $200 is available per home for builders to reduce the upfront cost of building solar ready.
    • Net zero: We offer net zero cash incentives up to $750 per home, along with technical support, so you can build net-zero homes that truly stand out, with solar already installed and a design that enables 100% of the home’s electricity usage to be powered by solar.
    • Energy smart home: Homes that seamlessly integrate into the smart grid and have features that support solar, electric vehicle charging and other sustainable upgrades may qualify for a $200 energy smart home incentive, with add-on incentives available to earn even more.
    • Early design assistance (EDA): A $500 incentive is available to trade ally builders in Oregon and Washington who meet EDA requirements. This incentive encourages builders to compile a team to evaluate a project in its early stages, focusing on how energy efficiency will be integrated. Builders can earn an additional $500 if the meeting includes a solar trade ally and a focus on solar.

Coming in April

Watch for new and updated offerings for builders in Oregon starting April 1, 2022, as the program transitions to the new 2021 Oregon Residential Specialty Code. Starting in April, to qualify for EPS New Construction whole home incentives, homes will need to exceed the 2021 code by at least 10%. 

In addition to the updated EPS New Construction whole home incentives, we will release updated requirements for net zero and energy smart home projects. Net zero project incentives will increase from $750 per home to $1,000 per home. Energy smart home requirements and incentives are also changing. Starting in April, builders will be eligible to earn $200 per home when they meet electric vehicle ready requirements and $200 per home when they meet solar plus storage ready requirements. 

We will also announce a new $500 per home incentive for homes that meet criteria to qualify as affordable, rural and/or within tribal communities. Builders that are registered with the Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity will also be eligible for this incentive for each home they submit to EPS New Construction. 

If you have questions, email the EPS New Construction team or call the Trade Ally Hotline at 1.877.238.0698.