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Solar Ready

For EPS New Construction

Plan Ahead for Seamless Solar Installation

Solar ready homes are built to allow for easier installation of a solar electric system when the time is right. By designing for a roof space with proper orientation and free of obstructions, installing conduit from the attic to the electric panel, and leaving room for future components of a solar electric system, you can add flexibility and value to your homes. Energy Trust offers resources to help you build solar ready and distinguish your homes in the marketplace by showcasing this valuable feature to your customers.

To build your homes solar ready, and to learn about solar + storage ready options talk to your program verifier and share the following resources with your licensed electrical subcontractor.

For more information, questions or comments, email our EPS New Construction team or call us at 1.877.283.0698.

  1. Establish the home’s eligibility. Installation site must be in Oregon and grid-connected with electricity provided by Portland General Electric or Pacific Power. Solar ready incentives are only available on homes that receive an EPS™.  Energy Trust offers an additional $500 to builders who hold an early design assistance (EDA) meeting with an approved solar trade ally present.
  2. Ensure the project meets the Solar Ready Residential Installation Requirements by sharing the specifications with your licensed electrical subcontractor and design team.
  3. Remind your Energy Trust verifier of solar ready infrastructure prior to first inspection.
  4. Your program-approved verifier will inspect the infrastructure for compliance at first and second inspections. You will receive your incentive with your whole-home incentive check at project completion.

Energy Trust provides a maximum incentive of $200 per home to builders to reduce the upfront cost of building solar ready. For additional details on how to meet solar incentive requirements, please refer to the solar ready brochure and Section 1.10 of the solar ready installation requirements.

Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.

Review the Solar Ready Residential Installation Requirements and the Solar Ready Checklist for complete details.