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EPS in SW Washington

For EPS New Construction

Incentives for Builders in Southwest Washington

We may have Oregon in our name, but our support for energy efficiency extends into southwest Washington. Energy Trust EPS New Construction trade ally builders in this region are eligible to receive incentives for installing energy-efficient upgrades in newly built gas-heated homes located in NW Natural’s service territory.

Become an Energy Trust Trade Ally

To qualify for EPS incentives and resources, you must be enrolled in Energy Trust’s Trade Ally Network as an EPS New Construction trade ally.

EPSTM is a scoring system that estimates a home’s energy consumption, utility costs and electricity generated from installed solar. It also serves as a pathway and promotional tool for builders who understand the added value of homes that use energy wisely. If you’re a builder who strives to build quality, comfort and efficiency into your homes, EPS is a resource that benefits both you and the homebuyer.

Not yet a member? Joining is easy—membership is free and open to licensed and insured contractors. There’s no cost and you’ll gain instant access to incentive opportunities, trainings and other valuable resources that can help position you as a leader in energy-efficient homebuilding.

EPS Incentives

Meet Washington EPS requirements and receive cash incentives of up to $1,300 per home. Download our Washington incentive overview to see available incentives. Participating verifiers can also receive a $100 cash incentive for each qualifying EPS home submitted to the program. Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.

Incentive requirements:

  • Only EPS New Construction trade allies are eligible.
  • Homes must be primarily heated with gas provided by NW Natural.

How to Apply for an EPS

  1. Submit your home plans to a program-approved verifier for a consultation and project modeling. Search for a verifier in your area.
  2. Your verifier will use energy modeling software to estimate the energy savings of the home. Then, the verifier will estimate your incentive amount. By working with your verifier to select additional gas energy-efficiency measures, you can improve the home’s EPS and earn more incentives.
  3. Your verifier will inspect your home and perform diagnostic tests to evaluate energy performance.
  4. Once the home has been built and verified, your verifier will update the project model with inspection details and performance results, confirm your incentives and issue the final EPS.