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Energy Smart Homes

For EPS New Construction

Build tomorrow’s homes today with support from Energy Trust of Oregon. Our energy smart homes offering provides incentives and resources so you can include the latest technologies as a standard part of your construction plans.

Homes that qualify for these incentives will seamlessly integrate into the smart grid and have features that support solar, electric vehicle charging and other sustainable upgrades. Energy smart home packages offer multiple ways to combine incentives that stack on top of EPS™ incentives.

Stand out from the competition with energy smart homes that are efficient, resilient and well-positioned for a cleaner energy future.

  1. Establish eligibility.
    Before construction starts, contact a program-approved verifier to establish the home’s eligibility.
  2. Receive incentives.
    During and after construction, your verifier will inspect the home for compliance. You will receive your incentives at project completion.
Incentives for energy smart homes
EPS$1,123 to $5,223 per home, based on efficiency above a typical newly built home
Energy smart home base package$200 per home
Optional add-onsUp to $300 per home

Qualifying homes must be built in Oregon and grid connected with electricity provided by Portland General Electric or Pacific Power.

Your energy smart home can also qualify for Energy Trust solar incentives, along with federal tax credits when you install solar at the time of construction. Pair with our net zero homes offering to earn an additional $750 for qualified homes.

Energy smart home requirements

  • Must be an EPS home that is at least 10% above baseline
  • Must receive service from Portland General Electric or Pacific Power
  • Must be solar ready or have solar installed
  • Must be electric vehicle ready
  • Homes with electric water heating must have an electric water heater that is pre-enabled for utility demand response programs
  • Homes with central space cooling equipment must include a program-approved smart thermostat

Optional add-ons

  • Solar + storage ready
  • Advanced wiring

See full incentive details and requirements (NEED LINK).

Your comprehensive guide
Download the 2020 Net Zero and Energy Smart Home Incentives and Requirements guide for full details.

Explaining energy smart homes to customers

Use these helpful talking points when speaking to customers who may be interested in buying an energy smart home:

  • Energy smart homes include innovative technologies that help to increase comfort, health and energy savings, while improving your environmental impact.
  • These future-focused homes are built with features and systems already in place to easily incorporate solar, an electric vehicle and other sustainable upgrades.
  • Energy smart homes earn an EPS for their high-quality construction and excellent energy performance. EPS is a scoring system that measures the energy impact of a home and how much it costs to operate.
  • Qualified homes seamlessly integrate into the smart grid, giving you greater control to monitor and manage your energy use and costs.

Live Energy Smart

Take charge of your energy use and your environmental impact in an energy smart home. These homes have features and systems already in place so you can live comfortably, save energy and easily incorporate renewables and other innovative technologies.

Smart, connected, energy efficient

Each energy smart home starts with a base package of:

  • EPS™ home
  • Solar installed or solar ready
  • Electric vehicle ready
  • Electric water heater pre-enabled for demand response programs (if home has electric water heating)
  • Smart thermostat for central heating and/or cooling

Builders can also choose to include energy storage and advanced wiring, and some homes may even qualify as net zero, with a solar system that offsets 100% of your electricity use.

All energy smart homes earn an EPS for their high-quality construction and energy-saving performance. They also seamlessly integrate into the smart grid, giving you greater control to manage your energy use and costs.

Find an energy smart home

For more information on energy smart homes, and to find qualified builders in your area, please call 1.877.283.0698 or email us.