Roundup of incentive and program updates effective January 1, 2023

Energy Trust updates incentives and requirements on an ongoing basis to ensure we provide cost effective savings for utility customers and trade allies. Most incentive and requirement changes take effect on January 1 of each year. Any off-cycle or mid-year changes are announced by email and posted in Insider. Changes listed below were initially announced in the November and/or December 2022 editions of Insider.

Incentive and requirement changes are driven by a variety of market conditions, but most often by cost-effectiveness. Energy Trust must meet cost-effectiveness requirements determined by the Oregon Public Utility Commission. This ensures sound investment of utility customer funds.

At a basic level, energy savings from individual improvements and overall programs must be greater than the value of incentives, including the cost of providing them. Additional benefits beyond energy savings are considered when setting incentive amounts. Incentives that are no longer cost effective are discontinued, unless granted an exception by the OPUC.

To learn more, please visit the ‘about’ section of the Energy Trust website. See below for links to January 1, 2023, incentive changes, organized by program. Visit the Solar Insider pages to view the latest Solar Incentive Status Report.

Incentive updates by Energy Trust program:

Business Lighting
EPS New Construction
Existing Buildings (including multifamily)
Home Retrofit
New Buildings
Production Efficiency