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EPS for Allies

For EPS New Construction

EPS is a scoring system that helps define a home’s energy consumption, utility costs and carbon footprint. It’s also a pathway for building and selling homes that deliver superior comfort, durability and efficiency. Energy Trust introduced EPS in 2009, and since then more than 24,000 newly built homes have earned a score.

View a sample EPS score sheet

Building with EPS

If you’re looking to prioritize high-quality construction and energy efficiency in your homes, EPS is a resource that benefits both you and the homebuyer. Meet EPS requirements and you’ll receive cash incentives that help distinguish your homes from the rest.

What can EPS do for you

  • Highlight the superior energy performance built into your homes
  • Offer a comparison to typical newly built homes in Oregon or Washington
  • Emphasize the features that boost the comfort, quality and durability of your homes
  • Help you earn Energy Trust cash incentives

How to Apply for an EPS

  1. Submit your home plans to a program-approved verifier for a consultation and project modeling.
  2. Your verifier will use energy modeling software to estimate the energy savings of the home and incentive. By working with your verifier to select additional energy-efficiency measures, you can improve the home’s EPS and earn more incentives.
  3. Your verifier will inspect your home and perform diagnostic tests to evaluate energy performance.
  4. Once the home has been built and verified, your verifier will update the project model with inspection details and performance results, confirm your incentives and issue the final EPS.

Join the Trade Ally Network

To qualify for EPS incentives and resources, you must be enrolled in Energy Trust’s Trade Ally Network as an EPS New Construction trade ally. Not yet a member? Joining is easy. There’s no cost and you’ll gain instant access to incentive opportunities, trainings and other valuable resources.

See What the Building Industry Says About EPS

“EPS is a true measure of energy efficiency and the quality of construction execution. Both are crucial to the long-term success of the home and its occupants. A home with an EPS is a better built home than one without.”
Jim Chapman, president, Legend Homes

“Now we have people asking about EPS. That’s huge. It’s like a walk score. People are really starting to get it.”
Randy Sebastian, owner, Renaissance Homes

“We have used some of the EPS practices for years so it was a natural and easy transition to work with Energy Trust and their trade allies to meet the requirements.”
Larry Ables, owner, BD Ables, Inc

“I’m happy to have the EPS. I think it’s a good tool to show people that there is an independent test of energy performance. As people learn more about it, it will be an effective marketing tool for me. You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing the miles per gallon. You shouldn’t buy a house without knowing its energy efficiency.”
David E. Smith, builder

“I have found EPS to be a very helpful tool… to cut through the confusion caused by so many claims made in the marketplace that a certain product is “green.” Rather than using vague buzz words, I can get straight to the heart of the matter and explain to my clients exactly how beneficial energy efficiency will be to them.”
Chelsea Norton, real estate broker, Oregon First

“What I appreciate about EPS is that it gives clients a benchmark to compare new homes, apples to apples.”
Hilary Bourassa, real estate broker