Increases implemented for customer annual incentive maximums

Energy Trust has increased Solar incentive maximums for nonresidential customers. The increases were made in response to trade ally and customer feedback, along with a more diverse incentive portfolio for nonresidential customers, and an increased nonresidential incentive budget. Increases went into effect on February 23, 2024. 

Increases are summarized below:  

TypeProject IncentiveOld Annual MaximumNew Annual Maximum
Businesses$15,000$30,000 (~2 projects) $60,000 (~4 projects)
Tribes$50,000$50,000 (~1 project) $200,000 (~4 projects)
Affordable MF$45,000$45,000 (~1 project) $180,000 (~4 projects)
Qualifying Nonprofits$30,000$30,000 (~1 project) $60,000 (~2 projects)
Public$15,000$30,000 (~1 project) $120,000 (~8 projects)

This change will allow certain customers who might own or operate multiple sites to be allowed to install multiple solar projects with Energy Trust support in the same calendar year.  There are no changes to the application process or Powerclerk. The annual customer maximums are listed and regularly updated on the solar status report: here. 

Please reach out to if you have questions about annual customer incentive maximums or project incentive caps.