Battery storage incentive FAQ

Energy Trust’s Solar program launched a battery storage incentive in July 2023, and has since seen a surge in storage projects, along with more questions about incentive eligibility. To help with common questions, the Solar team developed the following list: 

Does Energy Trust offer commercial battery storage incentives?
Not at this time.

Is my equipment eligible for a battery storage incentive?
Potentially. Eligible equipment can be found in our battery storage equipment eligibility requirements. The list isn’t comprehensive and is still growing with monthly updates. If you plan to use equipment that isn’t listed but otherwise satisfies Energy Trust equipment eligibility requirements, please reach out to with relevant documentation.

Note: Not all equipment available in the PowerClerk drop-down is eligible for incentives. 

Do I need to install solar and storage at the same time to qualify for incentives?
No. Incentive qualifying storage may be installed with a new or previously existing solar installation that meets Solar program requirements.

Can we receive storage incentives if the previously installed system didn’t receive Energy Trust incentives?
Yes, provided the existing system meets Energy Trust Solar requirements.

Does the battery storage need to be grid-tied to qualify for an incentive?
Yes, it must be grid tied to receive incentives.

Does Energy Trust offer incentives for battery storage that is not paired with a solar installation?
No. All eligible battery storage projects must be paired with a new or existing solar installation that meets Solar program requirements.

Are you excited about the battery storage incentive offer?
Yes, very much so!

These are only a few of the questions we receive about battery storage. As always, please reach out to us at if you need additional information or have other questions.