SDA incentive increased and BSDA incentive launched

In response to feedback from our Trade Ally Network, Energy Trust has increased the incentive for Solar Development Assistance (SDA) from $1,800 to $2,500, up to 100% of the cost to develop a feasibility report. Energy Trust has also launched a Battery Storage Development Assistance (BSDA) incentive which applies to battery storage paired with new or existing solar. The new BSDA incentive covers 100% of the cost of developing a solar + storage feasibility report, up to $5,000.   

These incentives are intended to help customers cover the upfront cost of developing solar and solar + storage projects. They can be combined for a total project maximum of $7,500. 

Customer eligibility remains unchanged. Additional details can be found in Part 4 of the Program Guide. Details of required documentation are noted in Appendix B of the Program Guide. 

Please reach out to if you have questions.