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Windows incentive reservation system

As highlighted in the November edition of Insider, Energy Trust will no longer offer incentives for windows with a U-Value greater than 0.27 starting January 1, 2023. If the Oregon Public Utility Commission approves Energy Trust’s cost effectiveness exception request, effective January 1, 2023, the new window tiers will be:

MeasurePrimary heating fuelRequirement changes2022 incentive2023 incentive
WindowsGas and electricNo change to requirements.

Available in Oregon and Washington.
$6.00 per sq ft - U-Value 0.24 or less$1.50 per sq ft - U-Value 0.22 or less
WindowsGas and electricNo change to requirements.

Available in Oregon and Washington.
$4.00 per sq ft - U-Value 0.25-0.27$1.00 per sq ft - U-Value 0.27-0.23
WindowsGas and electricNo change to requirements.

Available in Oregon and Washington.
$1.75 per sq ft - U-Value 0.30-0.28Discontinued

In response to trade ally feedback and known market conditions, such as excessive product lead times, Energy Trust has established a windows reservation system. This will assist customers and contractors who planned on 2022 incentive levels when bidding projects.

How can a project sold in 2022 but scheduled to be installed in 2023 be reserved?

A project can be reserved by trade allies, non-trade ally contractors and customers by completing the following by January 13, 2023:

For contractors:

  1. Complete the Contractor Reservation Template for all projects sold in 2022 that will not be installed until 2023.
  2. We strongly recommend that all contractors submit project reservations using the reservation list template however, you can contact the Residential program at or 1.866.311.1822 and provide the following project information for individual projects:
    • Trade ally company name
    • Site address of install
    • Customer name
    • Original order date/sale date
    • Scheduled installation date
    • Dated copy of bid or proposal signed by the customer (optional)

What are the next steps after the reserved windows project is installed?

The project will follow the same processing procedure, however if the contractor or customer did not provide a dated and customer signed copy of the bid or proposal at the reservation step, it will be required to accompany the application submission. Energy Trust encourages the submission of a 2022 application form, however it is not a requirement. If a 2023 application is submitted, the contractor or customer must clearly note they are applying for a project that was sold in 2022 and they are seeking the 2022 rebate amounts.

What happens if a customer-signed and dated bid or proposal is not supplied during the incentive application process?

If proper documentation demonstrating when the project was sold is not provided during the application process, the project will qualify for 2023 window incentive.

Can a project installed in 2022 be submitted in 2023?

Yes, like all Energy Trust incentives projects can be applied for from the previous year as long as they are submitted within 60 days of installation. Qualifying energy upgrades installed in 2022 will receive 2022 Residential incentive amounts.

If you have questions about the new window incentive tiers or reservation process, please contact the Home Retrofit trade ally team at 1.866.365.3526.