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Forms and Resources

For Existing Multifamily Program

Trade Ally Enrollment Form

General Program Forms

  • Multifamily Enrollment Agreement – Form 300N (PDF | Doc)
  • Multifamily Weatherization Incentive Application – Form 320WX (PDF | Doc)
  • Multifamily Appliance Incentive Application – Form 320APP (PDF | Doc)
  • Multifamily Heating and Ventilation Incentive Application – Form 320HVAC (PDF | Doc)
  • Multifamily Water Heating Incentive Application – Form 320WH (PDF | Doc)
  • Smart Thermostat Form (Online)
  • Foodservice Equipment (Assisted Living and Campus Living) Incentive Application – Form 320F (PDF | Doc)
  • Multifamily Assign Payment – Form 320A (PDF | Doc)
  • Windows Specification Supplement –  (PDF | Doc)
  • Substitute W9 (PDF)

Incentive Information Sheets

Business Development

The business development fund reimburses trade allies for a portion of their marketing investment to promote energy-efficiency upgrades eligible for Energy Trust incentives. Funds may be used for advertising (newspaper, magazine, radio, television, phone book and billboards), website design and development, brochures, business cards and other approved marketing pieces and opportunities. Download the Business Development Form and Substitute W-9 Form for business development.

More Information

To learn more about the Multifamily program—or if you need additional help with the forms or resources on this page—email or call 1.877.510.2130.