How to pass work quality verifications with flying colors

Work quality verifications confirm that projects comply with the Existing Homes Specifications Manual. They are a key factor in star ratings and indicate to customers that you provide high-quality work. To help ensure that your installations pass these verifications, Energy Trust provides Complete Measure Checklists along with the Specifications Manual.

The Complete Measure Checklists can help you standardize your installations to ensure consistency, and can be used as a sales tool to demonstrate your commitment to quality for customers. The Complete Measure Checklists are located online in the Technical Specifications section of the Insider Forms & Resources page.

Technical Specifications Links:

Complete Measure Checklists:

Pro tip: Print and laminate the checklists for your installation teams. You can use a dry erase pen to check off each step as you go.

Please note: If you need additional work quality verifications to improve your star rating, please inform your account manager when you submit projects so they can be flagged for verification.

If you have questions about the Measure Checklists or Energy Trust’s Technical Specifications, contact the Home Retrofit trade ally team at 866.365.3526.