New EPS sheet now available

Every home that participates in Energy Trust’s EPS™ New Construction offer receives an Energy Performance Score (EPS). Participating builders can differentiate themselves in the market by leveraging the EPS sheet, which showcases their home’s estimated monthly energy bills, EPS and more. New EPS sheets are designed to help even more.

In 2021, EPS New Construction staff collected input from EPS builders and verifiers to understand how they use the EPS sheet, and which features are most important to them. Most trade allies reported that energy cost data is a critical element—more than any other characteristic. They also suggested the current sheet be simplified and condensed to a single page. In addition, builders mentioned that the sheet should place more attention on innovative features that differentiate their homes.

Using this feedback, Energy Trust updated the layout of the EPS Sheet, making the following changes:

  • Updating the overall look of the sheet
  • Simplifying technical details to reduce the sheet to a single page, making it more understandable for homebuyers
  • Adding an ‘additional features’ section that highlights things like solar, storage and/or electric vehicle components

The new EPS sheet is now online, and you can view a sample EPS sheet in Insider.

Have questions or comments regarding this new layout? Contact the EPS New Construction team at 1.877.283.0698.