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Campaign Ally Concept Proposal Application

Do you have great ideas for marketing campaigns but need support to make them happen? Energy Trust of Oregon is accepting proposals from trade allies for consideration and potential marketing support.

You may be aware that becoming a campaign ally is an opportunity to receive free leads from Energy Trust via marketing campaigns. But did you know that you can help design the campaign or request additional business development fund support? By using the Campaign Ally Concept Proposal application, you can suggest a campaign or marketing tactic to support your business.

Past campaigns have used a range of marketing tactics, such as direct mail, email, social media, paid search, digital display and more. Your campaign proposal could include these concepts, or something entirely new.

Visit Insider’s Campaign Ally page to learn more. Submit your Campaign Ally Concept Proposal to to have your idea considered for a future promotion or marketing support. We are eager to hear from you and support your marketing projects.