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Campaign Ally

For Home Retrofit

Grow Your Business with Campaign Ally Marketing and Support

As a Home Retrofit trade ally, you can benefit your business even further by becoming a campaign ally.

Energy Trust of Oregon’s campaign ally program is an opportunity for qualifying trade allies to be featured in seasonal marketing campaigns which focus on specific energy-efficiency upgrades and geographic locations.

Trade allies apply for each campaign individually, and if you meet requirements, Energy Trust’s marketing efforts will direct customers straight to your business. Once you receive these leads, you can complete qualified installations through the standard process.

Campaign Ally Benefits

  • Gain more leads for your business through targeted seasonal campaigns
  • Receive free marketing support that drives customers straight to your business
  • Stand out as an expert on featured energy-efficiency upgrades

Campaign Ally Concept Proposal

Have a great idea for a campaign promotion? Submit a Campaign Ally Concept Proposal and we’ll consider it for a future promotion. We accept Campaign Ally Concept Proposals year-round. Please note that you must be an approved trade ally to submit a proposal, and Energy Trust is not obligated to implement any concepts.

To submit a concept, please complete the application and email it to

If your concept is selected, we’ll contact you for additional details, and your idea may be used in other regions around the state.

How to Participate as a Campaign Ally

To participate in a campaign ally promotion, you must be enrolled as a Home Retrofit trade ally. When a campaign launches, we’ll post details and an application to participate right here in Insider. Participation in any given campaign does not guarantee approval for future campaigns as each promotion and its requirements may vary.

Campaign Ally Workflow:

  1. Energy Trust plans a campaign for a specific upgrade
  2. Energy Trust opens application for trade allies to participate in campaign
  3. Trade allies submit campaign ally applications
  4. Energy Trust selects campaign allies based on defined criteria that fit the campaign, such as regions served, ease of updating website, availability for customer inquiries, etc. (See Active Campaigns for full details.)
  5. Call to action in all campaign materials directs customers to contact participating campaign allies
  6. Campaign allies receive customer leads
  7. Campaign allies complete installations and support incentive application submissions

Campaign Examples

Energy Trust uses a range of marketing tactics to support campaign ally promotions. Direct mail, email, paid search and digital display ads are the most common tactics. Specific marketing tactics and channels will be chosen based on the target audience and region. See below for examples.

Campaign Landing Page

If your business has a web presence, Energy Trust will provide recommended content to help you develop a campaign-specific landing page. Landing pages will need to follow Google Ads’ best practices for webpage experience.

Direct Mail

Direct mail pieces will emphasize the benefits of the offer and prompt customers to visit the campaign landing page or call to request a quote.

Email Campaign
Email campaigns will have tailored messaging to resonate with the target audience and emphasize the benefits of the offer. Emails will direct recipients to the campaign landing page.

Email example

Paid Search

Paid search campaigns will promote the campaign ally’s company website or landing page on Google, based on a list of common keywords customers enter when searching for the featured home energy upgrade.

Sample ad:

Paid search example