Business Lighting program and incentive change details for 2024

Energy Trust of Oregon’s Business Lighting program updated standard and instant discounts incentives effective April 1, 2024. Below are some important details about navigating these offers for the remainder of 2024.

Standard Offer

All new projects must be submitted using the latest version of the Lighting Tool (v2024.1). This tool reflects updated incentives for 2024, and you can find a copy on the Insider forms page. You can find a list of all available incentives on the Insider forms and resources page.

Lighting Tools for new projects may only be submitted by enrolled trade allies. To enroll as a Business Lighting trade ally, please visit the new ally enrollment page.  If you need assistance with the Lighting Tool, please contact your account manager. If you have questions specific to horticulture lighting, please reach out to Whitney Rideout, program manager, at

Instant Discount Offer

Enrolled instant discount distributors received updated promotion agreements in March 2024, including a new Schedule A outlining the updated incentives for 2024.

To qualify for incentives, distributors must newly validate all products in Program Partner Central (PPC), even products that were previously validated. PPC will give you the most up-to-date incentive for the product category. Failure to validate products will result in errors upon file upload. Products sold before April 1, 2024, still receive the previous incentive value and can be submitted on the same sales template as new sales.

Additionally, as of April 1, 2024, Design Lights Consortium (DLC) 5.0 products will no longer be eligible for Instant Discount Incentives. Moving forward, only DLC 5.1 products will validated in PPC.

With the launch of new incentives, Business Lighting released new versions of all program forms on the PPC resources page, including the file upload template and pre-authorization form. These forms should be used moving forward to ensure accurate incentive and savings calculations. New marketing materials are also available with the updated incentives.

As always, we want to hear from you about your experiences. We value your input as Energy Trust Business Lighting continues to advance. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us at, reach out to your account manager, or contact Dave Backen, account manager lead, at Instant discount questions can be directed to We look forward to another impactful year with you and your customers.