Energy Trust Business Lighting to add more project support

Energy Trust recently announced a shift in its standard Business Lighting program which will bring additional resources for customers and trade allies. Starting in November 2023, Energy Trust’s commercial and industrial teams will assume a greater role in customer-facing activities, application processing and project-specific assistance. This will mean more staff resources focused on Energy Trust’s downstream Business Lighting offers. The intent is to drive more lighting projects and greater energy savings through the end of 2023 and throughout 2024.

The majority of this shift will happen behind the scenes and have little impact on how trade allies work with Energy Trust. Trade allies can continue working with their current account managers for help with enrollment, training, technical matters, and general Business Lighting questions. Project-specific questions will be handled by Energy Trust’s commercial and industrial staff, depending on facility type. The project submission process will also remain unchanged, but applications will be processed by the commercial or industrial program teams, also based on the type of facility where equipment is installed.

Key Details

  • There are no significant changes to the account management team or the application submission process. Trade allies will continue working with their current Business Lighting contacts. Primary lighting contacts and regional field staff are not expected to change through the end of 2024.
  • The shift will provide additional support for customers, application processing and project-specific questions.
  • The Business Lighting team at CLEAResult will focus on trade ally enrollment, training, technical questions, and general program questions. Current regional staff and contractors will continue providing field support.
  • Energy Trust’s commercial and industrial program management contractors, TRC and Energy 350, will focus on application processing and questions related to specific projects.
  • TRC and Energy 350 will begin processing new Business Lighting applications in November 2023.
  • The application process will remain unchanged. New applications should be submitted using the most up-to-date lighting tool and sent to
  • Current incentive amounts will remain unchanged. Incentive updates will be announced during our normal year-end cycle and presented at our regular Business Lighting trade ally events in early 2024.

Energy Trust is committed to transparency and communicating program changes to trade allies as far in advance as possible. We are also committed to stability and supporting our trade allies and customers in an evolving market. We will provide additional updates in Insider and by email as we design the Business Lighting program for 2024. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact the Business Lighting team or Tom Beverly, senior customer experience & trade ally specialist, at 503.445.7637.