Adapt to the changing market with EPS New Construction

The new construction market is changing at a rapid pace and builders looking to make an impact in the housing market must be flexible to meet shifting homebuyer needs, code advancement and more.

EPS New Construction provides numerous resources to help builders adapt to the evolving market. Key resources include the EPS sample sheet, technical support from verifiers, free trainings and business development funds.

EPS sample sheet

Builders can differentiate themselves in the market by leveraging the EPS sheet, which demonstrates the value of EPS homes to homebuyers by showcasing their estimated monthly energy bill, EPS score and more. Builders who utilize the EPS sheet can confidently educate homebuyers about the benefits of buying an EPS home.

Work with a verifier

All builders participating in the EPS New Construction offering will work with a dedicated verifier who can help access and maximize cash incentives and reduce building costs by acting as an energy-efficiency consultant on the builder’s plan set and energy model. Verifiers are knowledgeable about the EPS offering, can provide testing results for onsite work quality, and will share free trainings and business development funds with builders.

Free trainings

Builders can embrace adaptability by identifying and prioritizing efficiency in the construction of their developments. Builders interested in improving their construction techniques can contact their verifier or EPS account manager. Then, the EPS account manager will set up a free training for subcontractors to learn about various building topics including air sealing, designing for inside ducts, duct sealing, advanced framing and more.

Business development funds

Marketing is an effective way for builders to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and help sell their investments in efficiency. Energy Trust provides business development funds that EPS New Construction trade allies can use to help differentiate their homes. Trade allies are eligible to receive partial reimbursement for marketing projects approved by Energy Trust. Additionally, business development fund resources include an outdoor subdivision sign, EPS webpage content, model home listing, EPS web tout and more.

To gain access to the resources detailed above, builders must first apply to be a trade ally with Energy Trust by emailing or calling 1.866.368.7878. From there, connect with a verifier who can help you navigate and utilize the available resources.