2019 Solar program year in review

Here are highlights from Energy Trust’s Solar program for this past year. 

  • Solar trade ally star ratings system updated: As of October 28, 2019, trade allies will be measured on a 5-star rating system as opposed to the previous 3-stars. This shift was based on customer feedback and industry standards. Partial star-ratings have been eliminated.
  • Increasing solar access for low- and- moderate income customers: In November 2019, Energy Trust launched Solar Within Reach, a new solar installation offering that provides increased incentives to income-qualified homeowners. It features higher incentives to offset a greater portion of the upfront cost of a project, and a small network of five-star solar trade allies.
  • New incentive for small and public/non-profit-led community solar: In November 2019, Energy Trust launched a new Community Solar Development Assistance offering that provides incentives to support early development activities for qualifying community shared solar projects that will participate in the Oregon Community Solar Program.
  • Lessons Learned: In June 2019 the Solar program debuted an educational series of webinars on financial management for solar trade ally businesses, presented by Leslie Shiner of The ShinerGroup and Annie Kendrick of Kendrick Business Services, LLC.
  • Update to Renewable Energy Certificates policy: Energy Trust revised terms and conditions to reflect an update in accordance with the Board Policy on RECs. For net-metered solar projects smaller than 360kW-AC that were verified after December 14, 2018, owners will maintain full ownership of the RECs over the lifespan of the system.
  • Energy Trust solar trade allies listed as North America’s top solar contractors in 2019: Energy Trust Solar trade allies were included in the list of North America’s top 500 solar contractors released by Solar Power World, again this year.
  • Statewide solar technical training: Energy Trust and Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association (OSEIA) worked together to develop and deliver statewide training on 2017 NEC code and solar installation best practices customized for Oregon. February and March 2020 dates are still available!