What it takes: the role of the EPS New Construction verifier

Throughout the construction process, EPS™ New Construction verifiers support their builders in many ways. As energy consultants, they are an invaluable resource when it comes to building high-performing homes.

Verifiers who work with Energy Trust of Oregon on EPS New Construction serve as independent, field representatives. These verifiers work with EPS builders and owner-builders to guide them through the design and modeling process for new single-family homes. For projects seeking an EPS, verifiers also perform rough and final verifications to confirm that program requirements are met and identify which incentives a project will receive.

As Energy Trust trade allies, verifiers must be contractors who are RESNET® raters or Building Performance Institute (BPI) analysts. These accreditations ensure that verifiers are proficient in building science and approved to perform diagnostic testing. A full list of the requirements, as well as an application to become an Energy Trust trade ally, are available on our Trade Ally Enrollment web page.

Verifiers support high-performance building by identifying opportunities for design improvements, process improvements and the inclusion of new technologies. By consistently advocating for high-performance measures, verifiers benefit their builders and their own businesses through greater incentives. They also benefit homebuyers by ensuring homes exceed code and save energy and money. The more a new home exceeds code requirements, the greater the EPS New Construction incentive.

In addition to cash incentives, verifiers receive support in the form of technical assistance, regular meetings with Energy Trust staff, and conference calls and webinars to enhance their building science expertise. Verifier companies are also encouraged to expand their service offerings and participate in similar programs such as ENERGY STAR®, NGBS and Performance Path. These programs can offer even more value to builders, and potentially provide greater incentives to their clients’ projects. Reimbursement for training and marketing is also available to trade allies.

For more information about the role of a verifier, email Energy Trust’s EPS New Construction team, or contact the trade ally hotline at 1.877.283.0698.