Welcome to the new Insider newsletter

insider_mobile_blogThis month, the Insider newsletter has a new look and includes only articles most relevant to you. Instead of all trade allies receiving the same email, trade allies will now receive one email customized for each program in which they participate. The change is part of our effort to streamline what we provide and allow you to easily find the information you want.

The new Insider newsletter features the same program updates, business tips and advanced notice of promotions and opportunities—in a new, easy-to-read and mobile-friendly format. That means the email looks just as good on your phone or tablet as it does on your computer.

You can also check out relevant events, trainings, news links and tips in the new sidebar in the email. Even though the newsletter will be more focused on information related to your business, you can also still access broader topics by visiting the full Insider blog.

Membership in Energy Trust’s Trade Ally Network requires that someone from your company remain subscribed to the Insider monthly newsletter to ensure you receive the latest updates and news from our programs. We encourage additional employees to subscribe to the newsletter here, so they can stay up to date on what Energy Trust offers. Are you receiving the right version of Insider? If not, update your subscription preferences here.

If you have feedback on the new Insider newsletter, we would love to hear it. Contact Tom Beverly, trade ally and customer service manager.