Weatherization manual outlines requirements for window and insulation projects

Insulation and window projects completed at multifamily properties must meet the requirements outlined in the Existing Multifamily Weatherization Manual to receive incentives. Energy Trust maintains this manual to ensure consistent work quality and energy savings for all projects. Requirements outlined in the manual reflect best practices and may at times exceed code to ensure energy savings and a useful project life.

Trade allies can use these quality requirements as a selling point with customers. Simply point out that to maintain your trade ally status, your work consistently meets Energy Trust’s quality standards. Energy Trust verifies selected projects to ensure high quality and energy savings.

Visit the Insider Multifamily pages for more information and resources. See the Multifamily Cash Incentive Booklet for the full list of incentives currently available for window and insulation projects.

If you have questions about the Existing Multifamily Weatherization Manual, contact Nate Collins, trade ally coordinator, at 503.278.3075.