Variable-speed exhaust fans save an estimated $45k in annual energy bills at Streetcar Lofts condominiums

View of the front of the Streetcar Lofts building with a yellow streetcar passing in front.The 59 rooftop exhaust fans of Streetcar Lofts, a midrise condominium building in Portland, were working overtime to ventilate the 127,000-square foot complex. Energy Trust completed a technical analysis study of the building and determined that the existing ventilation system was changing the air in the building at almost three times the rate required by code. Over-ventilation is a common issue in large multifamily buildings and frequently leads to inflated energy costs.

With an estimated annual energy savings of 627,771 kWh determined from the study, Energy Trust paid $62,225 in cash incentives on a $131,000 project to install new fans with variable-speed motors and controls.

Single-speed, or constant volume, exhaust fans are common in multifamily properties. Upgrading to variable-speed motors with controls is an extremely cost-effective retrofit with high potential for cash incentives from Energy Trust through the custom project pathway.

Keep Energy Trust in mind when discussing projects with your customers. Even if you don’t see a standard incentive for work you’re considering, Energy Trust may be able to provide custom incentives that can pay up to 60% of project costs for qualifying projects.

For more information on custom incentives and project eligibility, contact Nate Collins, trade ally coordinator, at 503.278.3075.