How to use sorting rules when submitting incentive applications

The first step in submitting an incentive application is determining the correct program for a given project. Applying for an incentive with the incorrect program will significantly delay processing time. To determine the correct program, you need to understand the project scope and property characteristics as well as Energy Trust’s sorting rules.

Existing Multifamily includes established multifamily properties, assisted living and campus living properties with two or more dwelling units, including townhomes and condominiums and community spaces.

The following table outlines a few common scenarios:

Project ScopeProgram
Accessory dwelling unit (ADU) that is ATTACHED to the existing buildingExisting Multifamily
Accessory dwelling unit (ADU) that is SEPARATE from the existing buildingExisting Homes
A site that has completed work with New Buildings and later decides to apply for simple prescriptive measuresExisting Buildings or Existing Multifamily
Building expansion or addition of conditioned square footage to an existing structureNew Buildings or New Multifamily
Redesign and reconstruction of space that triggers building code changeNew Buildings or New Multifamily
Tenant improvements that entail design and construction of the spaceNew Buildings or New Multifamily

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