Updates on Energy Trust’s Business Lighting program

As you know, Energy Trust took the step of pausing new applications for lighting projects as of November 17, 2020, to manage to our annual incentive budget. At that time, we promised to provide updated information as we finish up 2020 and look ahead into 2021.

This email is the next step in the process. Below you will find updates about the remainder of 2020, along with insights into 2021. We are working to complete the groundwork to present you with the full picture for 2021. However, we hope this will begin to answer some of your questions.

What do I need to know about closing out 2020?

The pause in incentive applications means that Energy Trust is unable to authorize project incentive amounts above the estimated incentive amount listed on the Form 120L, Incentive Application. Additional scope and higher kWh savings is permitted on projects; however, the incentive amount may not exceed the estimated incentive amount listed on the Form 120L.

If you have a project with additional scope to be ‘phased’ with a new Lighting Tool you can submit it after the program restarts in 2021. Any additional phase(s) must be submitted to Energy Trust for review and pre-qualification before any equipment purchase or installation activity begins and be pre-qualified for at least $100 in incentive funding.

If you have questions about a specific application, please contact your current Evergreen lighting specialist.

Who will I be working with in 2021?

As announced, CLEAResult is the new program delivery contractor for Energy Trust’s Business Lighting program. We’re happy to introduce you to Tim Telfer who has joined CLEAResult as Senior Program Manager. Tim is hiring his team, so we are not yet able to provide day-to-day contact information.

Dave Backen is supporting Tim in creating a smooth transition and is the best point of contact until CLEAResult’s team has been onboarded. Dave can be reached at 503.984.5720 or dave@backenconsulting.com.

Jessica Kramer is the Energy Trust of Oregon senior program manager for Business Lighting. Her responsibilities include program design and results.

What will next year’s program look like?

Energy Trust previously announced a few new features of the 2021 Business Lighting program. These are changing slightly due to budget constraints, but here—at a high-level—is what you can expect:

  • Downstream offerings—TLED incentives will be 40% lower than 2020 pre-bonus levels. Incentives for additional prescriptive measures submitted through the Lighting Tool will be up to 30% lower than 2020 pre-bonus levels. This is how we can spread our budget more effectively to help it last as long as possible.
  • Custom lighting (non-grow) and lighting controls—submitted through the Lighting Tool—will be available, with incentives estimated to be up to 21% lower than pre-bonus levels.
  • Custom grow lighting—Custom grow lighting incentives were reduced in 2020 and we do not anticipate them to change.
  • Incentive caps for downstream and custom—to stretch our budget and provide equitable access to our program there will be incentive caps. These caps may include maximums for individual projects, customer sites and/or by trade ally.
  • Direct install—we will introduce a direct install offering by end of the second quarter of 2021. This offer will focus on promoting diversity, equity and inclusion and will have specific customer focus areas.
  • Midstream—we will roll out limited midstream incentives through distributors by the third or fourth quarter of 2021, depending on budget availability.

When will 2021 program details be finalized?

Our program team members are working through this process as quickly as possible. It’s important work that requires careful consideration to help us do the best we can by both our customers and valued trade allies. We expect to provide another update by late December or early January.

This has been a difficult year for businesses and families. As we near the end of the year, our team wants to thank you for your great work and collaboration through it all. If you have questions, please contact us. We’re looking forward to working with you in 2021.