Residential SW Washington

Try the new Trade Ally Portal

The Trade Ally Portal is now available for all trade allies with a two-star rating or higher. The Trade Ally Portal helps Existing Homes trade allies track their active and completed projects, star rating and trade ally status. An invitation has been emailed to your organization’s main contact.

The key features of the Portal include:

  • A dashboard view of your Existing Homes projects submitted to Energy Trust
  • Notification of topics in need of your attention, such as forms with missing information
  • Status of incentive checks for you and your customers
  • Your history of electricity and natural gas energy savings over time
  • Ability to manage your company profile to update the Find a Contractor web search for customers
  • A clear path to your Energy Trust contact information
  • Direct links to incentive forms

If you would like us to send you a new invitation to the Trade Ally Portal, email the Existing Homes trade ally team.