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Tips to tune up your website

As customers increasingly rely on computers, tablets and smart phones to search for information, your website could be one of the most important ways to attract potential new clients. Here are seven tune-up tips to help maximize your website’s performance to attract new customers:

  1. Make contact information easy to find. Include your phone number, email address and location(s) on every page so customers don’t have to spend time searching.
  2. Keep it short. People tend to scan information online. Skip long pages of copy that require scrolling. Be succinct and break up the pages with headlines, subheads, lists and bullet points. Make it easy for readers to find the information they need quickly.
  3. Include an “about us” page. People want to know about your company before doing business with you. Introduce your team. Include photos, training, experience, certifications, the Trade Ally of Energy Trust logo, awards and even a bit of personal information, such as hobbies. This is the place to build your firm’s brand or personality and sell your approach to doing business.
  4. Use visuals to tell the story. Explain common energy problems in the home, energy-efficiency solutions and installation procedures through photos, diagrams or videos. Videos can be especially effective at engaging online visitors.
  5. Provide testimonials from recent customers. People like to get personal recommendations before hiring a contractor. When a job is complete, solicit feedback from satisfied customers to include on your website.
  6. Make your website friendly across multiple platforms and mobile devices. People often browse the web on a smart phone or tablet. Make sure your website content is easy to view, whether a customer is using a desktop computer, phone or tablet.