Tips to avoid application delays or disqualifications

Business Lighting trade allies can take steps to avoid processing delays or disqualified applications by following a few simple guidelines. Below are two important steps in the application process.

Energy Trust of Oregon’s Business Lighting program requires pre-approval for all projects. That means trade allies should not install or invoice their customers for projects until they are pre-approved.

Installation may begin once the customer has been issued a 120L Incentive Application Form and they sign and return it. Be sure to complete the project before the incentive reservation expiration date. When the project is complete, send in your final documents. These include project forms and documents such as final invoices, specification sheets showing the DLC listing for your installed products and an as-built Lighting Tool.

Do not forget to ensure that your final invoices are dated after the 120L signature date.

If you have questions about the Business Lighting project process, please email the Business Lighting Team or call us at 1.800.326.2917.