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Tips for discussing boiler incentives with your customers

A boiler in a boiler room.Energy Trust offers incentives for three different standard boiler sizes. All require 94 percent efficiency and apply AHRI testing methods (based on boiler size) for AFUE, thermal efficiency and combustion efficiency. Eligibility is determined using the AHRI Certificate of Product Rating information. If a customer’s unit does not appear to be rated by AHRI, contact your trade ally coordinator for confirmation.

This standard incentive offer is applicable to heating hot water boilers (not steam boilers) and space heating boilers (not process boilers or domestic hot water boilers). Incentives will be calculated based on the size of the primary boiler only; backup boilers are excluded. Special-use boilers, such as those used for swimming pools, are not included in the standard incentive offer but may qualify when submitted as a custom project.

A wide variety of customers may benefit from this incentive, including educational facilities, medical facilities, lodging facilities and large commercial office properties.

For more information, contact Alex Snook, trade ally coordinator, at 503.407.7286.