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Pipe insulation: We’ve got you covered!

Do your services include installing insulation? Do you work on boilers and domestic hot water systems? Does your work take you into your customer’s mechanical rooms? If so, don’t forget about Energy Trust’s pipe insulation incentives!

Pipe insulation reduces heat loss from uninsulated low-pressure steam pipes, domestic hot water pipes and pipes used for space heating. It helps by:

  • Minimizing heat loss: Insulated pipes reduce the amount of heat lost during transmission, keeping steam and hot water at the desired temperature.
  • Improving system efficiency: With reduced heat loss, boilers and water heaters operate more efficiently, lowering energy use and costs.
  • Enhancing safety: Insulated pipes reduce surface temperatures, minimizing the risk of burns and improving safety.
  • Lowering the customer’s carbon footprint: By enhancing efficiency, insulated systems contribute to reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions.

With Energy Trust, your customers can receive up to $18-$25 per linear foot of pipe insulation in commercial buildings and up to $10 per linear foot of pipe insulation in multifamily buildings.

For incentive details and requirements, view the incentive applications below:

For more information, contact Heath Heiberg, Existing Buildings trade ally manager, at 503.307.3328.