Take advantage of budget planning season

Multifamily property exterior

Multifamily customers are often under strict budgetary guidelines as identified by what is commonly referred to as a Capital Needs Assessment (CNA). A CNA is a roadmap to understand the life expectancy and cost of major items needed to maintain a property. Needs assessments are a critical function of property ownership and often define the budget for multifamily properties.  

Take advantage of the capital planning period in the first quarter of 2020 and pitch your projects earlyTo maximize impact, highlight the payback of energy-efficiency retrofits and the importance of addressing deferred maintenance before a problem occurs. 

A proactive approach can be more effective when securing multifamily projects. Use this time to contact your multifamily customers and secure a spot on their 2020 budget. 

For more tips on selling to multifamily customers contact Nate Collins, Multifamily trade ally coordinator, at 503.278.3075.