Commercial SW Washington

Take advantage of insulation and heating incentives before fall arrives

insider_eb_insulationLate summer is a great time for customers to evaluate insulation and heating equipment needs to prepare for colder weather. Energy Trust offers a variety of incentives to meet your customers’ needs, including:

  • Roof, attic and wall insulation
  • Air-to-air heat pumps
  • Water- and ground-source heat pumps
  • HVAC unit heaters
  • Warm-air furnaces
  • Modulating and non-modulating radiant heaters

Learn more about equipment details, eligibility information and application forms for insulation, heat pumps and natural gas heating.

In southwest Washington, new construction, multifamily building and greenhouse customers of NW Natural are eligible for commercial gas incentives. See the Standard Incentive Brochure – Washington for more detail.

For additional information, contact Alex Snook, trade ally coordinator, at 503.407.7286.