Summary and Impact of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA)

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) is an important statute that governs federal energy efficiency programs, rules and regulations. It has been updated several times, most recently in 2022. Those updates have direct impacts on the lighting industry and Energy Trust of Oregon programs in 2023.

Historical Context

EISA was signed into law in December 2007. The federal legislation sought to expand the production of renewable fuels, reduce US dependence on oil, increase energy security, and address climate change. It set national standards and timelines related to vehicle fuel economy, appliance efficiency, biofuel targets, research and development, and other energy-related priorities.

The 2022 update to EISA has made a significant impact on the lighting industry. After some back and forth between administrations, the US Department of Energy finalized new General Service Lamp standards in April 2022. These standards require all General Service Lamps to meet an efficacy threshold of 45 lumens per watt (lpw). For Energy Trust incentive program purposes, General Service Lamps include decorative, globe and A-lamps.

Business Lighting Impact

Given this adjusted standard, the Business Lighting team removed several General Service Lamp measures from the Standard and Instant Discount offers in 2023. These removals were reflected at the start of the program year (January 23), and included the following in the Standard offer:

  • Decorative LED screw-in lamps
  • Screw-in A-lamps, medium base
  • PAR/directional LED lamps, less than 20 watts
  • PAR/directional lamps, 20 watts and greater
  • Interior recessed canister retrofit kit/fixtures

The following measures were removed from the Instant Discounts offering at the start of the program year (January 23):

  • General Purpose and Three-Way 450 to 799 lumens
  • General Purpose and Three-Way 800 to 1099 lumens
  • General Purpose and Three-Way 1100 to 1599 lumens
  • General Purpose and Three-Way 1600 to 1999 lumens
  • Decorative and Mini-Base 300 to 499 lumens
  • Decorative and Mini-Base 500 to 699 lumens
  • Globe 350 to 499 lumens
  • Globe 500 to 574 lumens
  • Globe 575 to 649 lumens
  • Globe 650 to 1099 lumens
  • Reflectors 450 to 624 lumens
  • Reflectors 625 to 1099 lumens
  • Reflectors 1100 to 1590 lumens
  • Downlight Retrofit Kit 450 to 624 lumens
  • Downlight Retrofit Kit 625 to 1099 lumens
  • Downlight Retrofit Kit 1100 to 1800 lumens
  • Pin-base Reflector 20W equivalent
  • Pin-base Reflector 21 to 45W equivalent
  • Pin-base Reflector 46 to 59W equivalent
  • Pin-base Reflector 60 to 80W equivalent

Overall, the 2022 EISA updates are a significant step forward in efforts to improve lighting efficiency, reduce consumer energy costs, and promote a more sustainable energy future. The Business Lighting team will continue working closely with stakeholders, the Trade Ally Network, and distributors to maximize energy savings and incentives as the community adjusts to these new standards.

If you have questions about discontinued measures or other Business Lighting offerings, please contact the Business Lighting Team at