Steam trap and greenhouse incentives increase for industry and ag

Energy Trust has increased prescriptive incentives to help industrial and agricultural customers save on natural gas. Customers can receive increased incentives on greenhouse equipment and steam traps as of August 1, 2023.

Here are more details on the incentive increases:

Steam trap incentives have increased up to $100 depending on orifice size and steam pressure.

Greenhouse equipment incentives have increased as shown in the table below.

EquipmentNew incentiveOld incentive
Condensing unit heaters for greenhouses (per kBtu input) $13.75 $7.50
Thermal curtain (per sq ft) $1.15 $0.45
Under bench heating (per sq ft) $2.15 $1.55
Greenhouse controllers (per sq ft) $0.40 $0.20

If you have questions about the incentive increases, or need assistance, please contact Whitney Rideout, program manager, at 503.807.0398.