State tax credits available for commercial conservation projects

Through the end of 2017, Oregon Department of Energy is offering up to $7,000 in tax credits per project for commercial conservation projects under $20,000.

Qualifying projects include:

  • Adjustable flow irrigation pumping
  • Building envelope thermal retrofits
  • Commercial greenhouse energy retrofits
  • Commercial lighting
  • Direct-fired radiant heating in high-volume spaces
  • Ductless heat pumps with variable refrigerant flow
  • Heat pump water heating
  • High-performance home building
  • Industrial piping insulation
  • Outdoor LEDs
  • Premium efficiency electric air conditioning
  • Solar water heating

State funded incentives can be combined with our current offerings for ductless heat pumps, heat pump water heaters and outdoor LEDs at multifamily properties.

To learn more, visit the Oregon Department of Energy Website for applications and information on commercial conservation tax credits available for small premium projects under 20,000.