State offering $2 million in tax credits for commercial conservation projects under $20,000

In July, the Oregon Department of Energy announced that it is offering $2 million in tax credits for commercial energy conservation projects under $20,000. The maximum tax credit is $7,000 per project. The filing deadline is June 20, 2017.

Qualifying projects include:

  • Adjustable flow irrigation pumping
  • Building envelope thermal retrofits
  • Commercial greenhouse energy retrofits
  • Commercial lighting
  • Direct-fired radiant heating in high-volume spaces
  • Ductless heat pumps with variable refrigerant flow
  • Heat pump water heating
  • High-performance home building
  • Industrial piping insulation
  • Outdoor LEDs
  • Premium efficiency electric air conditioning
  • Solar water heating

To get started, review the current offering and technical specifications on the Oregon Department of Energy website prior to construction or installation . Then fill out the initial application and mail it with a $75 fee. Alternatively, contact Mark Brady or Jen Wetherbee at or at 800.221.8035 to get started.